Madhouse artist Shaun Cruda brings his vision together with a full length LP out on Tech Avenue Records in August of 2020. The album features an array of sounds and analog pleasures that take you on a musical journey. Shaun Cruda used his LP “Culture” as a platform to experiment with different tastes, and to allow listeners to indulge in his imagination. The LP features collaborations with various artists well-known in the LA underground; Trovarsi, D.Zeledon, Michael Fam, Julian Anthony and a remix by Monoky. Shaun Cruda and fellow supporting artists aimed to create a fresh and sonically diverse LP that conjures and distills their own personalities and various influences perfectly. Tech Avenue chose to pick up the LP as a way to recreate and remember the days of listening to a full album in its entirety. As such, we recommend you listen to the LP from start to finish and let Shaun be your guide.

Culture LP is out 8/21/2020 on Tech Avenue Records


Artist: Shaun Cruda, Michael Fam
Title: Culture LP
Label: Tech Avenue Records
Release Date: 2020-08-21


Turn it up & enjoy!