After a long hiatus from his debut ep release ‘Modern Traditions’ in 2013, Rafael Moraes went to the lab to create a deep organic house album rooted in native rhythms and grooves. ‘Earth’ kicks off the story with a feature from our own man of words, OVEOUS, begging forgiveness for our continued treatment of our source of life, before moving on to ‘Fingers’, a hypnotic nodder with fingerings courtesy of master tickler Jesse Gannon. ‘Higher’ continues our journey with harmonica deepness via Victor Lopez. ‘Conqueror’ gives a nod to Lil Louis’ classic conversations in its sax appeal, whereas ‘One Shot’, the first single, features and announces the return of Capitol A’s blessing on another Yoruba release. ‘In Love Again’, a sweet offering with the lovely voice of Nadirah Shakoor, is guaranteed to melt the soul. ‘No Escaping’ lends its heart with newcomer Aroop Roy’s tone to set the mood. Watch out for him! We end with the title song which complete out journey with its infectious melody and mood to get lost into. In short Rafael’s vision of deep house is clear and focused. Enjoy!

Artist: Rafael Moraes & OVEOUS
Title: Earth
Label: Yoruba Records
Release Date: 2021-04-30

Turn it up & enjoy!