Body On My Body is a song that was born from quarantine. Eric Sharp and Cassandra Violet wrote this together over Zoom, in the lost year that was 2020. They speak to the pain of social isolation, and the deep yearning to be back in the club packed with bodies. The experience of collaborating digitally exacerbated these sentiments, crystallizing them in the finished offering.

The production is inspired by Eric’s DJ gigs in Los Angeles, where he is a resident at the famed Sound Nightclub, along with a myriad of pool parties and warehouse jams where he performs. The club formatted 4 on the floor kick is coupled with chugging percussion, a beefy bass line, and interwoven pluck and synth melodies. Cassandra’s sublime vocal work rides atop it all, with her signature soothing, sexy tones.

Artist: Eric Sharp
Title: Body On My Body
Label: Create Music Group
Release Date: 2021-08-20

Turn it up & enjoy!