John “Cyclonix” Wilcox is the original raver, the sort of person who knows the roots of his music inside out. He can craft an electronic music sculpture that echoes both the classic dance sound of the UK (bass heavy, chord based, break sampling and crisp), and the purest Chicago and Detroit house and techno influences. Some of the highlights on his career include releasing on cult labels like Tusk Wax, Smuggler’s Inn, Bristol’s Boogie Café and Phuture Shock Musik or contemporary dance floor soul staple Broadcite among other highly recommended projects.

“Warm as Hoth” closes the EP. A funky live bass is intertwined by dreamy chords and chaotic melodies, made of stuttering vocal samples. The kind of thing you’d expect if Todd Edwards did a track with Marc Mac: classic UK garage with a jazz-funk vibe and a Detroit Techno feel. Hard to define, but very easy to listen to and play out.

Warm As Hoth is out 11/06/2020 on Percebes Música


Artist: Cyclonix
Title: Warm As Hoth
Label: Percebes Musica
Release Date: 2020-11-06


Turn it up & enjoy!