We have been fortunate enough in the past year to catch Tone Of Arc’s live set many times and have seen them play both in Southern California and in Playa Del Carmen.  Their set the last two years at the BPM Festival left everyone in awe and we just can’t get enough of them. We are happy to see that the dynamic duo will be making their return to Playa Del Carmen, thanks to our good friends from FOOTLOOSE Presents.

Every time these two hit the stage, it’s pure magic, and we know it is going to be another incredible show from these two talents.  In addition to their live set, they will also be playing an extended DJ set, which will perfectly wrap up the night.  If the music wasn’t good enough, this wonderful event will be held at one of our favorite venues in PDC, Canibal Royal.  This party has all the essential to be a great success and we know the night is going to be AMAZING!!

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TONE OF ARC (No.19 / My Favorite Robot / Dead Seal)

San Francisco producer Derrick Boyd, aka Dead Seal, now Tone Of Arc, a duo/band production with partner/vocalist Zoe Presnick, have been making music for most of their lives. Two of those special individuals possessed with a wide range of musical expression, bringing a glimpse of real musicality to the underground tech house and indie house scene. They sing, play guitar, bass, and keys – all live too. Tone Of Arc’s powerful stage presence drawn from old school cats like Iggy Pop, The Clash, and Bowie helps to partially define the originality of his music. Boyd has been a recording junkie since his teens. Boyd has created a volume of more than a two hundred songs and tracks which he jokingly refers to as his “Dead Seal Scrolls”. In the midst of all their activity, a debut full length album on the ever expanding inspirational house record label No.19 owned by Nitin and Jonny White of Art Department is due at the end of summer in 2012 with 3 Ep’s to be released before so marking a long and anticipated wait of 2 years dedication to execute a perfect album release. Come short they have not, and their live set completes the experience %110.