[News] The infamous badass blonde babe Heidi is set to launch her new label The Jackathon next week on May 14th under the parent label Get Physical Music. The Jackathon first began in 2009 as a party series Heidi would take with her around the world, evolved to a mix CD series in 2011, and has now in 2012 come to fruition to manifest its essence and energy in what will inevitably be one of the most bangin labels. Heidi is a woman after my own heart, a true lover with an open mind.


In an interview with Resident Advisor she shares that her inspiration behind The Jackathon was to bring more of a family vibe to the table.“I’m really open to anything as I like so many different styles of music…Many people don’t know but the word ‘jacking’ is a dance move, a feeling to move your body in a certain way, pertaining to the music that was coming out in Chicago at a certain moment in dance music history. For me it definitely has to be about the artist and if I connect with them on a personal level. That makes such a difference to me…All of my parties have been real moments for me because the people who agree to come and play really get stuck in and enjoy the night to the fullest…It’s about connecting the dots between different genres of music. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside after we do these parties and everyone always leaves with a sweaty smile on their face and usually a massive hangover. The tell tale signs of good night.”*


“I asked 16 artists that I admire to make an exclusive track for me as a little gift to the people who have supported what I do – some known, some unknown. It was also a gift to me, as I had no idea what these artists were going to make me. The result was more than I could have wished for. All of the tracks are totally different from each other and super fresh, which is what I wanted and keeps with the theme of the night. Diversity and change are always welcome.” Heidi on The Jackathon 2011. (soundcloud.comHeidi Presents Jackathon Jams will get started with a mini-compilation, Da Remixes, featuring reworks of the exclusive tracks from the Jackathon mix by Deniz Kurtel, Eats Everything, and Richy Ahmed.