[New Mix] Yet another sexy disco mixtape from the Sleazy Beats camp by Kris Percy called Lascivious Manoeuvers. I love the mix description from soundcloud – “Loose Disco, Mid-tempo sleaze”. Jump on in, the water’s fine!




1. inclined to lustfulness; wanton; lewd: a lascivious, girl-chasing old man.
2. arousing sexual desire: lascivious photographs.
3. indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or lewdness: a lascivious gesture.



Sleazy Beats – Lascivious Manoeuvres by SleazyBeats


Track List:

1. Nicholas – Talking About Love (House of Disco)
2. Drop Out Orchestra – My World is Empty Without Dub (Bstrd Boots)
3. Dj Steef – Groove On (Superbreak)
4. Get Down Edits – Greatest Dancer * Daz Digs Disco re-edit (Get Down Edits)
5. The Noodleman – Gimme Love (CDR)
6. Kastil – Rose Royce (Outernational)
7. Andy Hart – Tell Her You Know (Melbourne Deepcast)
8. 78 Edits – Something Here (78 Recordings)
9. Curtis Mayfield – Love Me Love Me Now * Onur Engin edit (OE Edits)
10. The Noodleman – Salsoul edit (CDR)
11. Rayko – Give Me Your Love (Chopshop)
12. Kid Creole – I Do Believe * 40 Theives instrumental mix (Strut)
13. The Revenge – Cadillac (Jisco)