Mexican up-and-comer talent recently signed by several high output labels like Get Physical, No.19 and Supernature . Robbie has ben pushing the sound since 1993 in his native (Riviera Maya,Mexico).
Robbie Akbal is one of few DJ’s who has had the privilege of living through various generations of house music and disco. Having been born into the club world with his father and the various discotheques his family had owned on a tourist destination , Robbie managed to fall in love with records and playing records for others. It was a strong relationship that has thus allowed him to succeed in the music industry as not only Mexico’s rising star in the underground movement, but also a label owner, producer and busy dj.  We have been following Robbie and his label for over 5 years now and we were ecstatic to get a chance to chat with this man behind his own movement and get a sexy mix from him.

1. Where are you from and how did your hometown shape the type of artist you are today?
I´ve almost lived half of my life in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, but I was born in Cancun, definately that magical area has inspired me since day 1.
2. You are living in Barcelona now.  Can you tell us a little about the city, scene, and how it effects you as an artist?

Living in Barcelona at the moment has been a big move for me! Its very central to fly all Europe and some places in Asia, also is my native language and besides here they are a lot of friends from the industry like Miguel Puente, Shall Ocin, Jonny White, Stuart Sandeman (wildkats) and many more. As an artist side is great to have the chance to do collabs and learn from each other once in a time.

3. How did you originally get into DJing and making music? Were you playing music / an instrument as a child?

It´s all about my dad, i got into music because he used to own clubs in Cancun when i was a kid,there was always a booth on my house and lots of recrods, so after coming from school besides playing with toys i was mixing records. I also played the drums, i used to have my little rock band with my mates as teenager.

4. When did music production become a serious part of your life?

Basicly when i start the label profesionally, the first release was my 1st serious record.  7 years ago

5. What is your preferred method of music production?

i really like working with Logic.

6.  Can you tell us a little about your label Akbal Music, and what was your catalyst to start your own label?

At the begining it was me pushing the label, but now the label has grow a lot with a big family of talented producers that now the label supports me as well as an artist.

7.  What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own label?

Sounds easy to have a label but is very hard way to go for 7 years now, please dont make a label just for 2-3 records in mind of for just a hype, do it if its ypur passion to support the scene, try to make a plan for at least 1 year in advance

8.  Can you tell us about some of your favorite artists to work with?

I´ve been having a lot of collaborations this days-working with Shall Ocin is always a great flow, aslo with Miguel Puente and  with Aidan Lavelle recently we just did to two records.

9.  You have now started to do label showcase parties all over the world. Can you tell us a little about it?

Yeah we are trying to push the concept around the world, BPM & Sonar are our main yearly residence spots but we are also doing in the next months St.Petersburg (Russia)Valle de Bravo in Mexico, Los Angeles  and more.

10.  What can we expect from you, Robbie Akbal, in the coming year?
I have more collabs, one with Shall Ocin and another with Aidan Lavelle – huge tracks.  I’ve also go some solo stuff coming as well.
11. Can you tell us a little bout this mix?

It has some exclusive vinyl, unreleased tracks on Akbal Music, No.19 & more hot stuff that i like at the moment.