Balancing elements of old and new schools and diverse musical styles, the producer returns to one of his labels, Otherwise Records

by Isabela Junqueira

The EP’s name anticipates his return home and he’s back! Kolombo returns to his label Otherwise Records with Take Me Home. The title track was built on simplicity in its percussion, making room for the steady bassline to vibrate. Breaks, distorted vocals and the use of reverb form the spatial ambience of the track, creating a memorable music energy.

It proceeds with “Vitrail”, promoting old school sound mentions, yet the track sounds refreshing and current. Retro arpeggio basses give the hypnotic tone of its base, while orchestral synths nobly seal the proposal, amidst impactful drops. The result? A track that draws from countless sources and celebrates Kolombo’s musical creativity.

The Belgian with more than 16 years on the road signs the 25th release of the label, founded in partnership with the Brazilian Fran Bortolossi, and which is preparing for the conclusion of the second year of activities.

You can find Otherwise Records on Instagram and SoundCloud.