French music composer, DJ and one half of the duo Scratch Massive, Maud Geffray follows up her critically acclaimed Ad Astra (2022) and Polaar (2017) albums with ‘Nite Sessions’, a new collection of versions that have all been reworked for her live and DJ sets. We caught up with her to talk about the new release, her work in the studio with Sebastien Chenut and more.

Hey Maud welcome to Music is 4 Lovers! 

You’ve been at the heart of the electronic music scene for over two decades, with several solo projects as well as your work with Sebastien Chenut as part of Scratch Massive. How do you work together as a pair and have you got anything lined up for the future?

We don’t have the same musical profiles, me and Sebastien, I’m more into composition and melodies, I took piano lessons for some years before doing electronic music, Sebastien has a more « technical » profile than me, he knows keyboards very well, etc so we can complete each other in the creative process. We are on the way to make a new album too, but we have to find the time, he’s actually living in LA. We have lots of projects by our sides too!

How does the music you produce with Sebastien under Scratch Massive differ from your solo projects?

Scratch Massive has maybe something more 80’s in the sound, I could say when I compose songs and tracks for Scratch Massive, I’m not in the same mood than for my tracks. It’s like I’m wearing another jacket, it’s interesting to switch from one to the other. My personal projects maybe have something sweeter in the sounds.

Your upcoming release ‘Nite Sessions’ is a collection of tracks from previous albums that have been reworked for the dancefloor. What was your inspiration for this project?

My inspiration came from the desire to propose a few versions made for live performing and tours, some “nite versions” we could say, less “home listening” than my other tracks.

Is there a particular track from the ’Nite Sessions’ release that resonates with you the most? 

Maybe “I fall at 5”, featuring Rebeka Warrior.  This new version has something totally weird, with two parts, which are really different with a very long break in the middle. This has something very “Pc music” style in the production and sounds, the beginning is in a dark mood before warming up in the second part and becoming a little weird, this is a nearly experimental version.

A signature of your productions is your dreamlike touch and ethereal vocals. In your opinion, what is the significance of vocals within electronic music, specifically your own musical projects?

It creates emotions I think and it gives something very personal to the music.

These Nite Sessions versions have been inspired by your live performances we understand. Can you tell us about some of your performance highlights? And how have things been on the performance side post-pandemic?

Maybe when I’m singing « Blue Heroin » the Nite version, I really like this moment in my live performance, I tried several ways to sing it and I found it I think, and I found her good place, in the middle of the live. As “Blue Heroin” has nearly no kick, it gives air and honestly when I’m singing it I’m nearly crying, this is an emotional moment of the live. Since the pandemic, people are very fond of going to listen to music at night again, It’s kind of exciting.

Thank you so much for chatting with us today! Lastly, what else have you got planned for this year?

I’ve just finished some music for the Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris, I’ve got a soundtrack for a documentary series to do, some new tracks for Scratch Massive, and actually touring my Nite Sessions !

Maud Geffray ‘Nite Sessions’ is out now on Pan European Recording


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