As the weekend draws closer we wanted to publish this one from native Italian, now London based artist TWAN. His eclectic taste shines brightly in this one, amalgamating his vast experience in electronic music and simultaneously his history with live instruments. A true artist set to flourish in the next months…

Hi TWAN, thanks for your time. How has the start of 2021 been for you? 

Despite all the difficulties, I always try to be optimist and look at the bright side of things. It is a hard time for us musicians as our industry did not receive much support from the government. We are a huge part of the economy and it is sad to see that they left us in limbo. This needs to change.

Would you say the last year and the pandemic has effected your sound and workflow in any way? 

The moment of isolation and silence has certainly led me to a profound introspection that has affected my sound.

Where did you passion with music begin? You play live instruments as well as electronic music right? 

Music has always been a priority in my life. I was attracted to the musical world from an early age as my parents are big music lovers. I started to study piano at the age of five and after many years I developed a strong interest in technology and electronic music.

You are UK based, but originally from Italy, would you say that there are influences from both countries in your sound? 

Yeah, there are some influences from both countries but I listen to a lot of genres and music from different cultures. Certainly, I have not abandoned my roots but I have always been very curious with a strong desire to discover new musical dimensions.

Your fantastic single “Entropia” comes out this week, is there a story behind the track? What does it mean to you? 

It is a very special track to me. I began writing it on my piano when I was in Italy during the beginning of the pandemic. The concept behind the song is to represent the level of awareness reached by humanity through evolution, independently from the order or disorder that today’s man is experiencing. I hope to have succeeded.

What other plans do you have for 2021? Any more TWAN news we should know about? 

There will be further releases this year and I am planning to work on a live performance. I am planning to release a second track in just six weeks after this release. It’s a collaboration with an American singer and songwriter. She’s incredibly talented and a very good friend of mine. 

Can you give us one song that springs to mind when you think of summer? (Please provide Youtube link)

It is a fusion between Kaytranada and Flume. I hope you’ll like it

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