All the way from Brazil, this Toronto based DJ permeates sound-waves throughout the dance floor, at every show he performs at. Hauy is an unique artist in his own right, as he brings forward a Brazilian flare into his sultry musical productions. With releases on All Day I Dream, and frequent gigs at some of  Toronto’s favourite underground hot-spots such as: Summerdaze, CODA, Cherry Beach and the season finale of Electric Island, coming up on August 31st, we got to know more about this Brazilian export…

Hailing from Brazil, how does the music scene differ from the scene here in Toronto? Have you found moving to Toronto has affected your sound at all? What observations have you made about Toronto’s club culture?

My first impression when I moved here was that the scene was completely different, mostly due to having last call and not having that many outdoor parties in Toronto. In Brazil, we have outdoor parties all year round and it’s common to have parties going till the next afternoon or so. Now that it has been almost 3 years living in Toronto, I can say that the scene is not as different as I thought. Lots of promoters and parties from Toronto kind of remind me of the ones from Brazil. We have really similar characters, benefits and problems as well. I realized that “The grass is always greener on the other side…” notion is a very common thought no matter where you go. It’s up to us to shift the perspective and attention to what’s positive and enjoy the present.

Moving to Toronto has definitely affected my sound. Going out of my comfort zone and getting to know so many people, cultures and places inspired me and gave me a new perspective on music. What I love the most in Toronto, is the way people connect with each other. We’re miles away from our family in Brazil but we never feel lonely here.

You have played at infamous Toronto venues such as CODA, Parlour, Sunnyside Pavilion, and Summerdaze etc. Do you have a favourite venue to play at in the city? If so, what do you love most about it?

It’s hard to pick a favourite between so many great experiences I’ve had. Every place has its own peculiarity that is worth to explore. The outdoor and intimate environment that Summerdaze creates is very unique and perfect for my sound. CODA has a fantastic structure of lights and sound system and the diversity of their bookings makes them the perfect venue to have freedom to adapt your set in the most different situations.

‘I realized that “The grass is always greener on the other side…” notion is a very common thought no matter where you go. It’s up to us to shift the perspective and attention to what’s positive and enjoy the present.’ – Hauy 

Your track ‘The Sage’ was featured on the All Day I Dream winter sampler this past January. Tell us more about the inspiration behind this track? Do you have any releases coming up in the near future?

I produced this track during my first months under 0 degrees in Toronto and the winter landscapes inspired me a lot, to compose this track. It was released 1 year later, on their winter sample which made a lot of sense at the end. I have a new 3-track solo EP ready and I’m waiting for confirmation from one of my fave new labels. I can’t wait to share, but I’d rather keep the mystery for now!

You will be making your Electric Island debut on August 31st on the Main Stage! What are you looking forward to most about this performance? What can festival goers expect?

I remember seeing the artwork and photos from Electric Island before moving to Canada and I identified a lot with the concept. I’m really excited to play at the Main Stage and test my new EP and other new tracks on a big outdoor setup. You can expect some melodic but groovy tracks that work both with the mind and body.


Make sure to catch Hauy’s set on August 31st. Tickets to Electric Island are available online through this link, and RSVP to the Facebook event for all of the latest news.