GHEIST, the formidable Berlin-based electronic music trio renowned for their electrifying live performances and distinctive sound palette, is set to captivate audiences once again with their latest single, ‘Auditorial,’ which lands via their staple home, Embassy One. Set to follow in the grand success of their ‘Who I Am’ EP, which enjoyed its release in October 2023 via the long-standing German imprint, ‘Auditorial’ serves as another impressive creation for an act whose individuality defines their output.

Since their inception at Berlin’s iconic Watergate venue in 2017, GHEIST has surged through the electronic music scene with a blend of melancholic depth and euphoric resonance that has become synonymous with their fast-rising name. ‘Auditorial’ emerges as a testament to GHEIST’s evolution, encapsulating their ability to weave intricate melodies with pulsating rhythms that resonate deeply with listeners. True to their ethos, every element of ‘Auditorial’ – from its evocative production to its visceral identity – is meticulously curated by GHEIST, who deliver a sonic journey that evokes both rapture and self-reflection.

The latest addition to GHEIST’s expansive discography, ‘Auditorial’ blends haunting melodies with delicate rhythms to create a deeply atmospheric and an emotive ride, showcasing the trio’s ability to craft music that resonates on both personal and collective levels.

“At times of vulnerability we need to  step out of our internal monologue and share the weight we’re lifting with anyone because in the end we all feel the same.”GHEIST

Having made impactful appearances on esteemed labels such as Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, Armada and Solomun’s DIYNAMIC, to name just a few, GHEIST continues to push the envelope with their progressive and defiantly authentic approach to electronic music. In addition to their studio prowess, GHEIST has earned a cherished reputation for their unforgettable live shows, where their music comes alive in vibrant and immersive performances. Their dedication to creating a unique atmosphere through both sound and visual elements has earned them an extensive global following, making each GHEIST event a transcendent experience.

With ‘Auditorial,’ GHEIST invites listeners into a realm where emotion meets energy and introspection meets euphoria, as they roll out yet another chapter in their compelling musical narrative. As their touring schedule intensifies and anticipation builds, with forthcoming dates across Europe, Asia and South America, GHEIST remains an indispensable force in the realm of electronic music.

GHEIST – Auditorial (single) is out now via Embassy One: