Gettoblaster, a DJ duo hailing from Chicago and Detriot, are relentless when it comes to preserving the original house and techno sound. Since they stepped on the scene in 2014, the artists’ have been met with success in their mission. Made in conjunction with ghetto-house pioneer DJ Funk, their new release on DIRTYBIRD Records is an instant banger.

“Get Dat” stays true the Gettoblaster sound while protecting what it means to produce authentic house music. The track features crisp percussions, a robust bass-line, and a pounding beat. In true Gettoblaster fashion, the lyrics are provocative and an ode to house music’ original rule of “four-on-the-floor”. These artists have always had a knack for bringing us to an animalistic state of dancing and the repetitive lyrics will no doubt turn the dance floor into a jungle.

As if we expected anything different, the new DIRTYBIRD release slaps. Crank dat “Get Dat,” fam.