Next up on Celesta Recordings is a new album from Ezikiel. He is a Swiss producer with Jamaican roots and all those mixed cultures shine through across nine great tracks.


It is clear this artist is a master of his studio as there are some fanatically programmed drums here, as well as lots of subtle tricks, effects and sound design skills that make the grooves come alive. Fantastic sampling also adds real flavour, and there is sonic character in the way that synthetic creations are mixed with more organic, real world elements, particularly in tracks like The Woman From Balkan which ends the album in real style.


Other highlights are plentiful: Trinidad is an edgy affair with exotic perc and hurried drums overlaid with afro vocals. Song of Freedom feels like just that – an uplifting ode to spirituality with supple, rubbery drums and intoxicating stronger instruments ringing out into a warm sky.


Never Come Back is all about deep, tightly coiled drums and thoughtful piano keys and shows off another side to this expressive and talented artists. Overall this is a well programmed and perfectly executed album.


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