Colombia’s DJ Fronter and Ecuador’s Carloh mark their first collaboration on South Of Saturn with a lively two-tracker ‘No Mercy’ this October.

Having previously released joint efforts on Suara and Stereo Productions, as well as appearing individually on labels such as Hot Creations and Solid Grooves, the pair have teamed up again, this time for a first-class collaboration on Lee Foss’ consistently impressive South Of Saturn.

‘No Mercy’ sees ghostly vocal loops face-off with rattling drums, constantly keeping the track grooving ahead while an undeniably tough, resonant bassline rumbles underneath. An ideal late-night selection, the track winds around a series of cleverly executed examples of tension and release.

In ‘Signals’ the duo turn up the weirdness factor. Offering a pumping bassline and glitchy percussion alongside strange, otherworldly samples and snippets, the track builds into an unexpected and extremely satisfying breakdown. As the track progresses it becomes clear that DJ Fronter & Carloh aren’t here to play within conventions, staking their claim to one of the most interesting house releases in South Of Saturns’ otherworldly catalogue.

DJ Fronter & Carloh ‘No Mercy’ drops on South Of Saturn on 16th October 2020.





Artist: DJ Fronter & Carloh
Title: no Mercy EP
Label: South Of Saturn
Release Date: 2020-10-16




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor