Coming later this month is a milestone release for this eclectic producer, the Mindfire EP is some of Christopher Kah’s finest work, delving deep in to his world, of mysterious energies. The EP consists of one original and a ‘Core Version’ with a more stripped back approach but never doubt its effectiveness. Electronic Griot plays home to this one coming later this month (14/06) and the mood and atmosphere is sure to be felt on a dance floor near you. 

Familiar to the underground music scene for his prolific techno productions providing a spectrum of dancefloor material to rock the clubs, and parties around the world. Kah’s often found indulging into the deeper and darker corners of techno so we decided to catch up with him recently about his alternative favourite records, ones for the after party…


O.T. Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down

“I could talk about this track for hours… its structure, sounds, the harmony, everything is perfect! It could represent everything I like in one track!”


Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

“Such a visual track! Just need to close your eyes to understand the intensity of this piece. And don’t hesitate to watch this track live. Such a thrill watching Freddy Mercury perform! One word: beautiful!”


Lera Lynn – Lately 

This it is THE track of this selection, the main track of the show. I’m a big fan, especially season 2 – go and watch it!


Queench – Dreams

How not to fall in love at first sound with this legendary track. It rocked my adolescence …and still does today! <3


Whispering Sons – Alone 

Discovered in Spotify, it’s in my favorites now. Can listen to it over and over again, delightful!

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Artist : Christopher Kah
Label : Electronic Griot
Tracklisting :
1. Mindfire Original
2. Mindfire (Core version)
Catalogue number : EGM2
Release Date: June 14th
Formats:  Digital only
Distributor : The Orchard
Listen to a snippet of the ‘Core Version’ here.