BRONSON today have released the second phase of remixes for their critically acclaimed, self-titled album debut on Ninja Tune/Foreign Family Collective. Titled ‘Remixes Nº2’, the collection continues to unearth new facets of the project comprised of USA heavyweights Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight (of ODESZA) and ARIA-platinum artist Tom Stell (of Golden Features). The electronic tastemakers tap the likes of Hayden James, HAAi, Prospa, Patrick Topping and obli to deliver a wide-spanning collection of re-interpretations – all bound by a pulsating undertone which pays homage to the original endeavor’s underground and avant-garde inspirations. 

Collectively, ‘Remixes Nº2’ is brimming with progressive electronica: it’s an amalgamation of leftfield and club-inclined stylings which reinvigorate the original album. Opening with a take on “DAWN,” Hayden James recasts its buoyant soundscapes into a reverberating, hypnotic setting that centers upon Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ ethereal vocals. Female powerhouse and Australian DJ, HAAi, reconstructs “KEEP MOVING” into an industrial composition tailor-made for the warehouse, celebrating the gritty backbone of the original track. Buzzing UK duo, Prospa, lend their classic rave-reminiscent touch to “KNOW ME,” yet also add a sense of modern, experimental nuance, steeped in off-kilter, distorted synths. Furthermore, Foreign Family Collective newcomer, obli, balances the EP with a soulful rendition of “CALL OUT”, bolstering the original with a funk-inspired guitar riff. Lastly, house icon Patrick Topping closes out the package with a powerful tech-fueled re-work of “HEART ATTACK”, primed for the dancefloor with its retro synth lines and crisp percussion.

“This collection embodies the shared sentiment of nostalgia and longing for the late night landscapes and dance floors these works were crafted for. We are excited to share what these incredible artists have put together and want to give a special thanks to everyone involved.”


Indeed, ‘Remixes Nº2’ manages to unleash that electric energy, and in turn, incites a revitalizing sense of hope & anticipation to experience those very same scenes in the near future.