Episode 108 of our LoveBath series comes from one of the leading producers Brazil’s funk/soul scene, Rafael Yapudjian!

Rafael discovered his passion for music around 1995 through a DJ friend and is known as a great DJ in all the main dance floors of Brazil. He has played in the most renowned parties and was resident in several clubs of the Brazilian nightlife. Since then, he has become not only a DJ himself, but also a producer/remixer. His remixes have been released in labels such as GoGo music, Seamless, Staff Productions, Mutated Music, Heavenly Bodies and Pacha Recordings. He’s also one of Pacha Brazil’s resident DJs. In 2011, Rafael Yapudjian launched his own record label: A Casa Records.

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1.Jungle Fire, Bosq - Village Hustle (Bosq Remix) [Razor-N-Tape]
2.Scruscru - Midsommar (feat. Nazin) [Omena]
3.Rafael Yapudjian - Days Of The Condor [Mango Sounds]
4.Ron Basejam - They Speak Colour (Original Mix) [Ron's Reworks]
5.Igor Gonya - Zui Quan [Sundries Digital]
6.Jet Boot Jack - Summer Nights
7.Rafael Yapudjian - Bridge Through Time [Midnight Riot!]
8.Rafael Yapudjian - Fly By Night [Midnight Riot!]
9.Cotonete & Dimitri from Paris - The Hustle Parisian (Original Mix) [Heavenly Sweetness]
10.Rafael Yapudjian - Take Time [Tropical Disco Records]
11.Da Lukas - Wicked Cat [Nervous Records]
12.Re-Tide, Elisabeth Yorke-Bolognini - Seventies (Original Mix) [Mattei & Omich Music]
13.CN Williams, Yam Who, Jaegerossa - Mr. Bump Man (Yam Who & Jaegerossa Rework) [Black Riot]
14.Rafael Yapudjian - Standing Tall [Spa In Disco]
15.Ed Wizard, Disco Double Dee - Sho Nuff (Original Mix) [Editorial Records]
16.Giovanni Damico - Quan U Teng Tu Dong (Original Mix) [Star Creature Universal Vibrations]
17.Rafael Yapudjian - The Time Is Now [Tropical Disco Records]

Turn it up & enjoy!