[Release] WOW. Diynamic never fails to impress in their releases, but this, this is something else. This is truly BEAUTIFUL. With a childhood of countless days and nights filled with classical music pouring out of my father’s stereo, I have a true soft spot for orchestral stylings. German bred DIYNAMIC crew member Stimming has pushed the boundary, thanks to the suggestion of an anonymous Eric, to bring to life one of his favorite and most emotive tracks ‘November Morning’. Enrapturing and emotive enough as the original … when brought to life by a 64 person orchestra the track which was already a work of art becomes a true masterpiece, overwhelming with emotion and breathing life to the listener. Simply divine …



Watch the video that brought to life this masterpiece …



Artist: Stimming
Title: November Morning
Label: Diynamic
Release Date: November 26
Catalog: 2DIY406


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