Glasgow’s Ali Herron has long been a mark of quality with his OOFT! moniker. Originally running the L.E.S.S. Productions imprint alongside The Revenge, with excursions onto labels such as Instruments of Rapture, Delusions of Grandeur and Wolf Music Ali’s steady stream of solid output moves deftly between slo-mo disco and classic house influences. It’s the latter style that infects his Clandestino EP. Rich, lush Detroit textures, sun dappled reflective numbers and soaring emotive house music all combine for a wonderfully warm EP fit for an array of moods. Clandestino don their night and day hats on their remixes, turning out both a slightly more energised take and a blissed out version respectively.

Obligatory Consumption is out 7/31/2020 on Clandestino


Artist: OOFT!
Title: Obligatory Consumption
Label: Clandestino
Release Date: 2020-07-31


Turn it up & enjoy!