[New Release] I’m not even sure where to begin with this latest release out today by Chicago’s Kate Simko and Leftroom label boss Matt Tolfrey–I’m lovestruck.  The development of sound on these tracks is beyond some technical formula of dance music composition or arrangement. Each track is rooted in extraordinarily deep bass and kick, laying out in the first thirty seconds that this will be a heavy mover.  A solid groove emerges as the trunk of the track, eventually organically developing into a thicket of branched out percussive elements and simple dream-like melodies. The beauty of The Same Page EP is that it doesn’t drag you through the music, it draws you into it. The effortless development of each sound to the next simply allows your mind and body to go no where else but up and into the music. Get lost in the other world procured by Simko and Tolfrey; you beautiful disco-dancers won’t want to leave this fantasy behind.


Artist Name: Kate Simko and Matt Tolfrey
Record Label: Leftroom Records
Catalog Number: LEFT031


Kate Simko & Matt Tolfrey – Same Page EP by Leftroom