Endless Music label head Luca Olivotto takes care of the latest release with three more inventive and superbly produced house tracks.

Luca’s productions and sets range from house to melodic techno but experimentation has always been at the forefront of his ambition. It’s an approach that has helped him and his label earn a fine reputation as well as support from the likes of Guy J, Anderson Noise & Roi Perez before now.

Opening the EP is ‘Taken For A Fool’, a loose house track filled with fresh ideas, from the original male vocal line to the bendy synths and glistening future-retro chords. It’s an effervescing affair that leads on to ‘Take Twice’. This excellently Italo-licked cut brims with cosmic synth work and twinkling keys as well as fat bass and a breezy sense of groove.

The brilliant ‘Ode To The Sun’ is a deeper tune for the exact moment that day turns to night. It’s warm and reflective in mood, with shooting cosmic stars and subtle vocal coos layering in the soul. Closing out this colourful and characterful EP is the ‘We Behind’, a late night house number with more metallic percussion and driving drums that take you deep into an astral night sky.

This EP coves plenty of ground in real style.

“Taken For A Fool” is out on August 5th, via Endless Music.


Artist: Luca Olivotto
Title: Taken For  A Fool EP
Label: Endless Music
Release Date: 2019-08-05




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor