[Lovecast] The dynamic duo of Claire Spooner and Leon Baggots, aka Him_Self_Her, have taken the dance world by storm in just a few months. Their single, ‘Gone Too Long,’ has been at the top of the Beatport Indie Dance/Nu Disco charts for over 8 weeks and has garned them stardom. Since their famous release on Cream Couture Records, their work has been released on other great labels such as Dialtone, Love Not Money, Planet Acetate, Recovery Tech, and many others.

Although it may seem these two are new to the game, they have had a long stay in the scene, spanning over 10 years. Leon comes from a Drum & Bass background, DJing, MCing, and throwing many parties. Over the years, he has been involved in many musical genres (Trance, Garage, House), and has now found himself in the deep end of the electronic spectrum. Claire has spent the majority of her career playing the big room house sound, and secured herself residencies while she worked her way through music school. These two paths have crossed many times over the years before they finally (thankfully) decided to work together.

In an ever evolving music scene, it is difficult to put a name on the many new styles that are constantly emerging. Him_Self_Her describe their sound as “house music with feeling,” and drawn influences from many different styles of music. Their favorite producers at the moment are: Audiojack, NTFO, Fabio Giannelli, Rebel, Tough Love, Midland, Tom Budden, Hector, tINI, Subb-an, Adam Shelton, Ricardo Villalobos, Maya Jane Coles, Justin Martin, Nice7, Clinton Houlker, KiNK, RaffaFL, and Kreature.

With forthcoming releases on Runnin Wild, NastyFunk, Neim, Love Not Money, Southshore, and others, the future seems boundless for this duo. In addition to making more music, the pair is working on a line of great parties in 2013, as well as curating a live show.

Since day one, Mi4L has been supporting these two talented musicians, and have been moved by their wonderful sound and style. It is with great pleasure that we were able to get a Lovecast from the artists. This is a wonderful mix, with some unique twists and serious tunes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Dj le roi – i feel like home
Infinity ink – Infinity (richy ahmed remix)
Roberto palmero – Shake that
Dj T – A guy called Jack
Marcus Gehring – Sneak exit
Dzeta N’ Basile – Dance it
Boris werner – Slowdancin
Tigerskin, Lazarusman – The Blackness
Oskar offerman – Fluffer (Russ Yallop edit)
Groove Armada – Always take me higher
Tapesh – Reminisce
Hot natured ft, Ali love – Forward motion (MK Reverse mix)