I am a lyrical listener, and although the steady climb of subtly textured, instrumental production keeps me entranced on the dancefloor, a full vocal track is always appreciated and James Fox’s new jam definitely fits the bill.  Sensational songstress Vanity Jay breathes soul and intention through the four versions of “Holding On,” all channeling old school vibes and rich, danceable grooves.

London based and freshly taken in by NeedWant, James Fox makes a strong impression with his two versions of the upbeat track. His “NYC Mix” glitters with keys through a classic house structure whereas his “Slow Jam Mix” is just that- relaxing the tempo for some slinky feels.

Wolf Music’s Medlar has a diverse range, playing in the near future all over the world with artists Rodhad, KRL, Jacques Renault and Moodymann.  Bringing some heavy mystique to the bright joint, his interpretation comes in heavy and his Dub is hushed and soft, both lending as great set climbing pieces for the night owls.

Choose your mood, move your feet and don’t forget to smile 😀


Artist: James Fox, Vanity Jay, Medlar
Title: Holding On
Label: NeedWant
Release Date: December 2nd, 2013
Catalogue #: NEEDW032