We caught up with South Africa’s Mr Joe to discuss his new release on the Stereo MC’s connected label, the South African scene and more

Welcome to Music is 4 Lovers, Mr Joe. Your three-track EP ‘Beyond’ releases on connected at the end of February, can you tell us a little bit about the project?

Thank you for having it’s an honor to be interviewed by Music is 4 Lovers, Well Beyond Ep is one of my favorite works as an artist because it’s really pushed me to be a shape shifter. The whole narrative is to push Beyond your ideal level & reach for the impossible through sound. 3 tracks have a unique energy & sonically different, each track gives the listener a different feel which I feel makes it exciting.

Does the world around you inspire your tracks? Where do you get your sound from?
Yes the world around me inspires me. My sound comes from a deeper a place within me I constantly play around with unique sounds till I find what fits right to my ear I can sit for an hour trying to get the right Synth. It’s a spiritual feeling
You are known to creatively fuse Afro & Electro styles. How did this fusion come to be?
The fusion of electro & Afro came from me listening to a lot of Afro & Electronic sounds as these have always been sounds that give me a euphoric energy every time I listen to them & also listening to other musical genres brings an out of the box imagination when it comes to creativity.
The juxtaposition of organic grooves with futuristic synth lines is really interesting, can you share any secrets behind your production techniques?
My secret is having faith in the way God has made me to be & allowing the universe to work with me brings out that magic. That’s the production secret 🙂 constantly being inspired to create.
Your tracks feature on some of the world’s most exciting international labels, how did these connections form? Are there any specific countries you would like to perform in?
It’s always been a dream to have my songs on international labels as a kid. So I would send my songs to people/labels I’d love to release with.
Countries I’d love to play in
• London
• Berlin
• United States Of America
• Mexico
• Paris
• United Arab Emirates
• Kenya
• Amsterdam
• Morocco
• Japan
• Ghana
• Portugal
• Russia
• Mozambique
• Switzerland
Just to name a few.
You are active in the South African music scene, a country that continuously delivers quality, forward-thinking music. Can you tell us what the music community is like over there for the readers that might not be familiar?
It’s a really Beautiful music community where artists are taking charge of their creative work & direction. Creativity is endless in Africa.
 You’re off to a great start this year, what’s next for Mr Joe? Are there any upcoming plans you’d like to share?
Thank you very much. Yes Mr Joe World Tour is in the works & more music. Big thanks for the interview I appreciate Music is 4 Lovers

Mr Joe ‘Beyond’ is out on connected Friday the 25th of February 2022

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