We sat down with Deorbiting to talk about their new album Space House on Stil vor Talent. A fantastic journey through the spheres of Melodic House.Fasten your seatbelts, treat yourself to a cool drink and get ready for a galactic interview.

Hi Deorbiting! Welcome to Music is 4 Lovers and thank you for speaking with us. What have you been up to today?

Thanks a lot for having us! It’s a pleasure! At this time we’re all mostly practicing our parts for the upcoming premiere of our new live act that’s happening very soon. I guess you can call it the “pre-rehearsal-era”.

What’s your favourite aspect of what you do musically and why?

Practicing instruments is most definitely the least fun part, but as soon as we get into our cozy studio, play together for the first time and bring the whole package into the club and see people dance to it, this is where the magic happens.

After 2 years in the studio this is the pay off we’ve been longing for. We still love working on new music though!

And when did you guys first meet, why did you decide to work together?

Christian and I, that’s Christoph, met on a mutual friend’s birthday party at Kater Blau in Berlin many years ago. We instantly felt a connection over the love for the same music and astrophysics, so we decided to give it a shot and make some tracks together.

We had to learn Ableton from scratch and it was overall a very loose fun project in the beginning, because we lived about 200 kilometers apart, but things became more seriously when Christian moved to Berlin and we rented a studio place together. Our Austrian drummerboy Bernhard joined in 2020. He and Christian already shared stages in an electropunk band, so this way was much shorter.

Your new album Space House isn’t your first excursion on Stil vor Talent, how did you first make contact with the label?

I met Oliver Koletzki on a festival with my old band about a decade ago. We started hanging out and became close friends over the years. At a certain point I showed him some early Deorbiting demos without any certain intent and to my own surprise he liked them and wanted so sign them for Stil vor Talent.

He became our mentor along the way and we’re very thankful for the support from him and the whole label crew! Our music isn’t really in the cosmos of the Beatport peaktime section, so we’re super happy that we found a home for our art at SVT.

Some tracks are synth wave inspired and others have elements of melodic house and techno. What musical influences do you think the album has?

All of us grew up in the 80s and 90s, that’s where most of our inspiration is originated from.

It’s a very broad spectrum. We love bands like Talk Talk, 90s underground house music and many modern takes on electronic sound design. If you combine all if this with our passion for wide science fiction themes you end up with what we call “Space House”.

Who does what, did you each take care of certain parts of the music?

There’s not an overall formula you can apply to all of our tracks, because all of us write music sketches for Deorbiting in our own ways.

But mostly it goes a little something like this: When we have decided that a demo is worth moving forward with, Bernhard starts rearranging drums, Christian is the guy with the harmonic wisdom to work out chord progressions and lead melodies while I focus mostly on sound design and my bass parts. Now that I’ve said that out loud I just realized we make a really good team!

What is next for the trio of you, what are you working on?

Our focus for the rest of the year is to bring “Space House” to the clubs and festival stages. We’re really hungry to perform live and would love to share our vision of electronic music with people on the dancefloor. Hopefully nearby to you as well!