Episode 95 of our Fresh Faces series comes to us from the powerful production duo PaperMacheTiger.

There’s a progressive arc in the sound of PaperMacheTiger’s music, incorporating the acid and techno sounds of Detroit and Berlin whilst also delving into the underground house sounds that reference London and Chicago and in turn exploring the deeper underground flavors that encapsulates dance music culture as a whole. The wide-spanning influences which shape their productions are testament to their deep roots as artists. A dedication to explore underground electronic house music in all its forms, taking in a wealth of influences from various genres.

PaperMacheTiger’s compositions are shrouded with something like the veil that separates the future from the present. All their music feels like a journey into the art of production made with an apperception of the sounds from the wider electronic music scene, exploring the narratives of ‘what is electronic dance music’. The music is engaging, yet thought provoking, which can be enjoyed equally on the dance floors or via popular listening mediums.



Phantom Power - Sunriser – Promo Crib Records 
Unknown Artist – Untitled 01 – Chickyu-u Records
Papermachetiger – The Bass (Rob Pearson Remix) – Bombis
PaperMacheTiger -The Bass (Jake Beautyman 'Halloween Acid' Remix) Bombis
PaperMacheTiger - The Bass (Paul Donton Deep Mix) Bombis
Jocelyn – Maox (Original Mix) – ESHU records
Bassically - Ephemeral Skies – Fossil Sounds
Bassically - Listen Carefully – Fossil Sounds
Unknown Artist - Untitled 03 - Chikyu-u Records
Anunaku – Teleported (Original Mix) – 3024
Conclave - Perdon Original Mix – Love Injection Records
Seb Zito – Mission FM – Edible
Nazt-Risco – Caido Original Mix – Serialism Records
David Scuba & Lubelski – Mumbles – Superfreq
Papermachetiger – The Rain in Spain – Unreleased Promo


Turn it up & enjoy!