Used by music festivals, motor races, the NBA, and English Premier League clubs, the startup has been crucial in post-COVID reopenings; The series A round for the real-time collaborative SaaS platform and its hyper-realistic and interactive 3D Venue Twin feature was led by Pembroke VCT and Eppes Creek Ventures

OnePlan announced today it has raised $3.8M in Series A financing from investors in the UK and U.S.. The two-year-old startup streamlines the design and production process through the world’s best selection of 2D, 3D, satellite and aerial maps, providing real-time collaboration. For venue owners, it unlocks huge operational and commercial benefits through a hyper-realistic, fly-through-able Venue Twin of any stadium or arena. Clients using OnePlan include Arsenal F.C.Chelsea F.C. and the Brooklyn Nets, and Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Canada. Over 2000 events across 50 countries have used OnePlan, which is seen as a single source of truth for planners.

The round was led by Pembroke VCT and Eppes Creek Ventures, a consortium of leading investors from the fields of sports, finance, music and entertainment. Funding will expand the team, accelerate growth, develop new products and scale internationally.

“We’re excited to start the next leg of our journey with an amazing team of investors who share our vision for OnePlan,” said Paul Foster, Founder and CEO of OnePlan, who has also advised Interpol, FIFA World Cups, F1, Commonwealth Games and the upcoming Paris 2024. “Above all, we’re passionate about continuing to help our customers create amazing events in a simpler and more efficient way.”

Foster used his previous experience planning six Olympics and Paralympics games and festivals of all kinds to solve a major problem: planning events is costly and time consuming, with non-specialist map tools used and email causing version control nightmares. The solution used cutting edge technology to make planning deceptively simple, and to provide tools that can work for any size event from a local fair to a triathlon spanning multiple cities.

Imagine managing a music festival for 100,000 people and being able to use one platform to manage fencing, barriers, crowd control, camping, parking, staging, vendors and security. The Social Distancing Toolkit designs vaccine passport checks and COVID tests, calculates crowd flow and plans social distancing and seat assignment. Venue Twin duplicates every aspect of a stadium or arena in 3D, enabling organizers to fly-through a space and optimize fan experience using Seat and Suite Views. Broadcasters and sponsors can test sightlines and signage. The organizer can even test the effects of a sudden rain storm. (See Venue Twin in action).

Pembroke is a British venture capital trust with an extensive track record with innovative companies, including in the design and hospitality spaces. Eppes Creek is the Silicon Valley venture capital firm led by Brady Murray which funds some of the most relevant technology companies of the new decade.

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