Asa Moto are a Belgian production duo consisting of mustachioed, long haired producers Ollie and Gilles. They make synth-centric, avant-garde electronic music & they’ve recently unleashed their latest project: the Martino EP.

On ‘Martino EP‘, Asa Moto’s analogue mastery is on full display, pushing the production boundaries of their expansive collection of equipment. First track ‘Connexion à Liege’, a song about a night drive from Ghent to Liège, combines trippy delays and lush vocoder work across pastel synths for a laidback start to the EP. Lead single ‘Cacao’ sees the duo craft a chugging instrumental peppered with stereo FX and vocals as the track evolves into a floaty synth driven affair.

Missing Teeth’ investigates the mystery of the duo’s local bakery owner’s teeth, flipping their confusion into an oddball dance friendly jam, while ‘Veleda’ brings delicate synth work, modulating hardware, and hard hitting drums. Closing track ‘My Body’ forgoes percussion of any kind, with the duo twisting their own vocals into a tongue and cheek acapella, described in their own words as ‘our contribution (and solution) to the war against the war on drugs’.

Asa Moto recently performed tracks from the EP – Kifesh / Make Me Prada / Missing Teeth – on DEEWEE TEEVEE; Soulwax’s new audio-visual show broadcasted from the DEEWEE HQ in Ghent, Belgium.

Stream the Martino EP below: