Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool me twice… well that’s where things can get complicated. Particularly when it comes to making the same mistake in the face of love. Returning with his second single following his major label debut with Warner Music Germany, Aidan Martin delivers a gripping, self-reflective ballad, tackling the subject of falling in love with the wrong person in “Easy”.

Exploring the nuances of making the wrong choices in love, despite knowing better, Martin once again delivers a compelling musical statement, confirming his status as one of the most promising new artists to emerge from the British music scene in recent years.

“What’s wrong with me?”, Aidan Martin laments in his new single. In search of a deeper connection he muses, “I just wanna hold you close / I wanna breathe in all your chemicals / But they’re flammable / Never get the chemistry right / Now we’re blowing up in the night.” Aidan shares,

“I wrote ‘Easy’ during a time in my life when I was consistently making the wrong choices in love. I guess this has often been a downfall of mine, that I never seem to choose the right person to let my guard down in front of, always falling for those things that could never last. I wrote ‘Easy’ during the pandemic, when it was harder than ever to meet people, however this time gave me the space I needed to acknowledge some of my poor choices. ‘Easy’ really drew that picture for me in a tangible way and made me understand what I truly wanted from love.” – Aidan Martin

“Easy” was co-written by multi-platinum songwriters Neil Ormandy (James Arthur, Lukas Graham, Alesso), Wayne Hector (Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Jess Glynne) and produced by Ollie Green (Freya Rydings, Gavin James, Sody). Paired with a music video featuring Martin in a moment of deep heartbreak, he delivers a stunning performance interlaced with surrealist elements of rainfall and gusting winds, mirroring these tumultuous emotions.

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Photos: Timo Kerber


Aidan’s previous single “Good Things Take Time” has been streamed by fans in the millions, receiving support from Spotify editorial playlists including Top of the Morning, Easy, Chilled Pop Hits, New Pop UK, and Pop Brandneu. Additionally, the single is currently playlisted across German regional radio stations and made its German television debut in the popular late night TV show, ‘Ina’ Nacht’, a program known for finding and supporting groundbreaking international artists early in their careers.

“Good Things Take Time” was premiered by Live Nation’s artist discovery blog Ones to Watch who applauded Martin’s “outstanding vocal performance” and described the song as “a heart-wrenching yet overwhelmingly hopeful experience”.

Previously, as an independent artist, Aidan had garnered 30+ million streams on Spotify, 7+million views on YouTube and boasts over 174.7K+ followers across his social media platforms. Past releases have reached #4 on the UK Singer-Songwriter Chart and landed on Spotify’s Top 40 Viral Chart.




Growing up in a small town outside of Newcastle, Northern England, Martin often felt like an outsider. Finding solace in music, he taught himself the piano, going onto the Sage Gateshead to study voice. At 17 he moved to London, hailing from a rural town, he swiftly dove into the capital’s buzzing subculture. Left to his own devices, he found himself indulging in a life of drugs and excess, leading him to abandon what he loved most – music.


He might have failed music during that time, but music certainly didn’t fail him. Instead of forgetting his past, he decided to face it head on. Penning over 500 songs through his journey of re-self-discovery, he is driven by the desire to write relentlessly honest music, baring his soul unfiltered. The results have proved him right. Gaining over 30M Spotify streams across a handful of independently released songs, top positions such as #4 in the UK Singer-Songwriter chart as well as spots on the UK reality-TV show Love Island  and Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Chart in the UK and Ireland, Martin has garnered a growing loyal fan base in the hundred-thousands.


Now signed with Warner Music Germany and working closely with executive producer Neil Ormandy (James Arthur, Lukas Graham, Alesso), Martin is poised for a breakthrough. Raised on the music of Northern Soul, Motown and descending from a Bajan great-grandfather, Martin’s childhood discovery of gospel heavily influences his sound today, allowing for a new genre of which he encompasses, coined “British singer-soul.”


Having relinquished the demons of his past, Martin intends to use his hard-earned life lessons to make a difference for others – a desire that transcends his passion for music. Using his platform, Martin is dedicated to fighting for causes close to his heart including racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and countering the stigma of those affected by HIV and AIDS.


“My songs represent a collection of stories from someone who has faced their demons head on and is stronger now for it. My past, though painful, is a beautiful part of who I am. Accepting and relishing in this has been an essential catharsis for me. Being on the other side now, I hope my story can act as a source of hope for others. A reminder that you are more than the chains that bind you and that good things really do take time .” – Aidan Martin