Ukraine’s Papa Marlin and USA’s Bondar have previously collaborated on labels such as South of SaturnSolaStereo Productions and many more, and now land on Lee Foss’ North of Neptune. Bringing with them another pair of rocking house tracks, the duo put their production chops on full display throughout the ‘Sunshine’ two-tracker.

Leading the release, the title track ‘Sunshine’ brings a catchy, memorable sample to the forefront with a grooving backdrop of chunky drums and sub-hits. ‘Caravan’ sees wonky, carnivalesque instrumentation with rocking percussion and heavy-hitting low end for a trippy yet groovy affair.

Responsible for the wildly successful Repopulate MarsSouth of Saturn, and Hot Creations, founded with Jamie JonesLee Foss’ new imprint North Of Neptune sees the Chicago-born, LA-based artist further cementing himself as one of modern house music’s most influential actors.

Artist: Papa Marlin & Bondar
Title: Sunshine
Label: North Of Neptune
Release Date: 2022-02-17

Turn it up & enjoy!