Swift newcomer Tommier Joyson makes his debut on Hot Creations this July with his first single, ‘Clap Your Hands’. On the B side, Eastenderz boss East End Dubs makes provides a signature remix to complete the release. We’re sure both of these are going to go down a treat when we return to the dancefloor. With the release approaching, we’re pleased to be chatting with Tommier today:  

Hello Tommier! Thanks for speaking with us today! How is it going and where are you speaking to us from?

Hi! Thank you! All good except that I miss going to festivals and clubs… Here in Spain there are still restrictions on leisure as the situation is not quite good yet. But hey, this last year has been very useful to me since I have been able to do several courses.

As an artist that may be new to our readers, how would you describe your sound?

Power and groove with a joyous mood (and a wicked touch).

‘Clap Your Hands’, your debut release forthcoming on Hot Creations – this is big! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Many thanks! When I created “Clap Your Hands” I wanted to produce a powerful and groovy song with good vibes keeping the flavour of some of the ghetto house anthems but with a modern perspective.

Have you had a chance to try this one out in a club yet?

Unfortunately, not yet.

It must be an exciting time for you to have your debut coming on a label like Hot Creations. How long have you been working towards this and what’s it mean to you to be happening?  

When I saw Jamie’s mail saying “let’s go on Hot Creations” I felt it was the best time of my life. I’ve been wanting to be a professional DJ and music producer since I was a teenager (now I’m 28 years old). I have been studying music composition and sound engineering for more than 10 years, going to clubs and festivals to soak up this culture, working as a “Pop” music DJ to finance all of the above, set up a home studio and understand this line of work (I’m from an area where there is no electronic music scene).

We love East End Dubs’ remix too. What were your thoughts when you heard his take on Clap Your Hands?

His deep and elegant touch never  disappoints!

What’s your process like in the studio and do you have any favourite bits of kit that you use?

Normally I like to start from a melody and develop the whole song from there.  I regularly use the Maschine Mk3.

Who are some of your main musical influences?

Well, apart from the infinite source of knowledge that the internet is, all these years I have been able to work as a DJ in small pubs of different musical styles where I’ve learned a lot.  I’m not a big fan of conventional tags because I find them quite imprecise, but to name a few:

funk, disco, R&B and soul, Latin music, Rock, “dance” music and obviously house and techno. 

It’s been a pleasure to chat and learn a bit more about you today Tommier! Congrats on the upcoming debut. To round off, is there anything else coming up from yourself that we should keep an eye out for?

Thank you very much, the pleasure has been mine! Aside from new solo tracks, I’m working with an artist who released his EP just before me on Hot Creations…

Awesome. We can’t wait to hear more about that.

Tommier Joyson – Clap Your Hands ft. East End Dubs Remix is out on Hot Creations on July 30th

Pre-order/save it here: https://lnk.to/hotc175