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Interview with Ae:ther

What was it like working with Damian Lazarus on your debut with Crosstown Rebels?
I think Damian is a visionary man who’s deeply inside the music business since the dawn of time. And it seems he’s really in his element when making decisions about releases and how to bring out an artist’s creativity – I’m talking about my case here of course.  When we talked about me releasing an album, in the beginning I wasn’t quite sure, but after a while I realized that it would bring me back to the real nature of my creativity. Let me try to explain this a bit better: During my teenage years, I was making music with Reason (software) without technical skills at all. I only focussed on creativity and the emotional part of making music. When I listen to the old tracks now I feel an incredible vibe and ideas that I had lost on the way, because of the work I needed to do in order to learn the technical part of producing music. Now this is all coming back and I feel similar ideas. Combined with the technical skills of the present there’s some magic happening for me and I think Damian (unaware of all this) pushed me towards this real nature of making music and creating ideas with no boundaries and free to make everything you want.

What are your thoughts on getting to play such an eclectic lineup like Get Lost Miami with everyone from Chris Liebing to Diplo?
When I heard that I was supposed to play I felt quite scared of the big line-up. And then I looked in the mirror and I saw myself and the present and what is happening around me. I just thought that I don’t need to be scared or afraid but exactly the opposite. I’m here because I’m ready to play that show at the right time, with the right artists, on the right stage, at the right venue… I know it may sound a bit weird when I say it like that…

You’ve worked very closely with Tale of Us recently as well. What is it like working with them on Afterlife and playing their parties?
Tale of Us basically raised and nurtured me from the beginning, so I’m probably something like a son or a protégé to them. They still want to work with me and somehow it makes me feel special and proud. They gave me the power and the stability to create music with the awareness that I can do magic in the studio and on stage without being afraid of myself or bad people. Their parties are just stunning and the crew has an incredible way of working together. They got the right attitude and the identity that a party needs. Every time I receive an email about an Afterlife booking I always realise how passionate I am for the “falling man”.

What are some shows you have coming up this year you are looking forward to? Any other releases in the works?
Yesterday I was in Izmir, Turkey where I played at Högre/Unten. Such an amazing city and great crowd. After Get Lost in Miami I’m going to play at Rex Club in Paris, then London, Afterlife Sonar, and Malta for a special boat party. After that I believe I’m playing Tomorrowland, Afterlife Ibiza, and Doctor Music Festival near Barcelona. This is all I know at this point, but I’m sure other shows will follow soon. My new EP “Stardancer” came out on Crosstown Rebels last Friday, I did a remix for Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons that will be released in April, there will be a track of mine on Afterlife’s Realm of Consciousness V.A. in June, then there’s my debut album on Crosstown Rebels in July plus a single with remixes from the album, and hopefully I will close the year with another EP on Afterlife. I guess you can say there’s a lot going on this year.

What would be your dream Label to release on?
Wow, impossible to say, because I have an infinite number of dream labels. While working on my album tracks I felt a close connection to something like Erased Tapes, Mute, or Warp. I have ideas for a new kind of style in terms of melodies that are deelpy rooted in neoclassical and orchestral music. If that ever happens I might need the right platform for that music to get the right impact… but let’s see what the future will bring. For now I’m looking forward to everything that’s coming this year, especially my first album in July.

What are your five favorite songs at the moment?

Apparat – Goodbye

Rival Console – Untravel

Marino Canal – Her Perfect Sky

Mathame – Skywalking

Tangerine Dream – Love In The Real Train


Catch Ae:ther at Get Lost Miami…


Spencer White



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